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The St. Michael Secondary School hosted its Fall Post-Secondary Fair 6 pm-8 pm on Wednesday in the main hall.

The fair occurs twice a year and is orchestrated to assist the students to learn more information about the post-secondary programs and get ready for college and university. A wide variety of colleges and universities attended the fair. Three Eden representatives attended the event yesterday and it was s Eden’s second time after the Spring Fair in May.

It was a successful networking opportunity for parents, students, and
Eden College. A lot of students show great interest in such school fairs because they could communicate with the enrollment staff directly, and they can prepare themselves for future study.

“It was a humble experience to be a part of this event last night. It was a unique opportunity to open student’s eyes to career possibilities and educate them, give them hope for a greater future. “

Tharshini Nagles, Campus Director of Eden College.

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