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Nail Care

Eden College offers a selection of nail care treatments which include: soaking, polish removal, nail clipping, filing, cuticle pushing/ removal, massage, cleaning, and polish re-application.

Eden Mani: A manicure treatment that cleans, shapes and polishes the nails.

Eden Pedi: A pedicure treatment that cleans, sanitizes and polishes the toes.

The Luxury Mani: An Eden Mani with a luxurious upgrade. The treatment includes all the essentials plus a hand and arm scrub, hand masque, followed by a warm hand paraffin treatment.

The Luxury Pedi: An Eden pedi with a luxurious upgrade. The treatment includes all the essentials plus a foot and leg scrub, foot masque, followed by a warm foot paraffin treatment.

French Frenzy: Have your manicure or pedicure upgraded to a clean and classic French polish.

The Tip Top Mani: A full set of nail tips with gel overlay application.

U.V and Me: A dry manicure treatment that includes the application of a longer lasting U.V Cured polish.

GEL-US: A waterless manicure with gel overlay application to strengthen and create a flawless looking nail.


The Essentials: Essentials oils that can purify, energize, relax or rejuvenate the body. Each treatment is customizable to a client’s needs, skin type or condition.

Artsy fartsy: Upgrade your mani or pedi with stylish nail art.

NAIL CARE Single Service Price PKG of 4
Eden Mani $15 49
Eden Pedi $29 99
The Luxury Mani $29 99
The Luxury  Pedicure $39 129
Shallac Manitcure $26 89
French Frenzy- mani $18 65
French Frenzy- pedi $32 109
Shellac Add-on $11
Shellac take off $7
Essentials $10
Artsy Fartsy $3+ /each

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